Strata Meetings Made Easy

Sign in attendees
in less time with
Check Me In

Replace Paperwork Sign Ins with an easy-to-use App

Attendee Sign Ins Made Easy.

Check me In is the perfect solution for any Strata Management Companies conducting sign-ins for meetings.

Upload your Meetings

Upload your data from your strata software platform or upload a CSV file.

Easy Sign Ins

Professional tablet sign in that guests can use a stylus or their finger to register their attendance.

Multiple Sign Ins

Save on time by having multiple tablets allowing for multiple sign in at the same time.

Track and Calculate Attendees

Track and Calculate your quorum as people are signing in.

Export Data of Meeting

Export data and attendance register once meeting has been held.

Your Business Branded

Fully customisable with your branding for your business.

A Digital Sign In Dashboard

No more paperwork, All you need is Check Me In.

No Pens, No Paper, all you need is Check Me In, a tablet and a internet connection. People sign in with a finger or stylus.

How it works

Download Check Me In App

Download the Check Me In App from App Store or Google Play and register.

Create Your Meeting

Download a .csv file of your Strata Plan from your Strata Management Software and Create a Meeting with Check Me In

Sign In Attendees with Ease

Sign In Attendees in no time. You will be notified when you reach a quorum. Now your ready to start your meeting.

Export your Attendance Register

Export your completed attendance register as a csv file for reporting.

Register for Check Me In

Register your Interest

Check Me In is Currently in BETA. To Register your Interest please complete the form below.

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